She’s Learned Loss Young

Gracie is a happy-go-lucky eight year old, who is in second grade. Don’t let her cuteness fool you, she is a tough little girl. Her dad has been in the Navy for 18 years and she is the only girl among three brothers. In Gracie’s eight years of life, she has lived in four places, including one foreign country. She has had to say goodbye to her favorite homes, her friends, and sometimes, her dad. Gracie recalls the times growing up when she had to say goodbye to her father and not see him for long periods of time. When asked what the most difficult part of being a military child was, Gracie responded, “having my dad gone.” Gracie has had to go through a lot in her short life from having to continuously adjust to new people and places, to dealing with missing her dad when he’s gone. Luckily, Gracie has a great support system behind her to ensure she stays happy and healthy.