Dancing Around the World

"Moving around has given me the opportunity to dance all over the world."

Rebekah is a sixteen year old sophomore who enjoys dance and theater. Growing up as a military child, Rebekah had to adjust to changing dance schools often.

“Most of the time it’s easy to jump in, but I felt like the dancers who had been at the school for years always got the leads and were favored by the teachers.”

For Rebekah, this is a blessing and a curse. She is motivated to work harder on learning her dances, making her a better dancer in the end. On the other hand, she often has to put in more effort than some of her peers. Despite some of these difficulties, Rebekah thinks there are many perks to moving around. “I like exploring new places, living in new houses, and meeting new people.”

When asked about some of the places she’s lived, she listed Japan as one of her favorites. “It took a while to get used to a new country, language, and culture, but I wouldn’t trade the experience for anything,” she says. Rebekah currently resides in Louisiana, right outside of New Orleans. With her dad expected to stay in this location until she graduates, Rebekah is hoping she can mold a future around dancing and theater in one of the most musical cities in the US.