A Positive Outlook on Difficult Situations


Maddi Miller is a 16 year old sophomore who enjoys running. As a military brat, she has lived in 5 different places. Having always been a social person, Maddi did not struggle much with meeting new people. She has a more optimistic outlook on the military lifestyle. “I loved getting to travel lots of places, especially when I lived overseas I got to go to a lot of different countries.” On the other side of the spectrum, when Maddi’s dad would leave on deployment, it had a significant effect on her. Time differences, schedules, and other communication barriers made keeping in touch difficult for Maddi and her family. Maddi recalls making care packages for her dad, and that these gifts made his day. In turn, this small gesture eased her family’s pain as well. Maddi’s positive attitude has made transitioning easier for her. She encourages other military kids to jump right in to wherever they go and to not be afraid to put themselves out there.

"It's hard being apart from family and friends, but I am able to cope by keeping in touch through social media."