A life of goodbyes

Beth Drain is a 24 year old college student who is studying management. Beth’s dad has been a marine for over 20 years and their family has lived in seven different places. The biggest struggle for Beth during these transitions is being separated from her family and her friends. As an introvert, Beth hated being continually thrown into new places and having to essentially start over. “It’s very difficult for me to trust people, so I would put up walls whenever I moved and encountered new people.” While these transitions had an effect on Beth when she was younger, today she considers herself a social person. She has learned through her experiences to not be bitter about transitioning and instead make the best of the situation. Ultimately, the military lifestyle has helped Beth grow socially. She is a more cultured individual and she is able to get along with many different kinds of people because of it.

"Being separated from my family and friends definitely does affect me, and it's very difficult for me to adjust."